Steady Returns in Unsteady Times? – The Triple Net Advantage

Exploring Syndication and Triple Net Investments with Christine Bellish

Interview with Christine Bellish of The Bellish Team, New Jersey

In this edition of TNL Talks, Gene delves into the world of real estate syndication and alternative investments with Christine Bellish of The Bellish Team. Learn about The Bellish Team’s journey from small multi-family properties to venturing into triple net investments, offering many benefits, including more stable cash flow. Watch the full interview to discover the benefits of triple net investments for investors and sponsors plus gain insights into the syndication market today.

Diversifying in Real Estate Syndication: The Bellish Team’s Journey

Christine Bellish shares how The Bellish Team made the transition first from their corporate jobs to syndication, and then transferred again as syndicators from small multi-family properties to triple net investments, emphasizing the appeal of stable cash flow and corporate guaranteed leases. Find out how they have grown their portfolio and what led them to explore the triple net investment world.

The Bellish Team: Transitioning from Corporate Jobs to Multi-Family Syndication to Triple Net

“We are more focused on cash flow right now. We are looking to replace our previous W-2 income with consistent and steady cash flow.” – Christine Bellish

The Benefits of Triple Net Investments

Explore the advantages of triple net investments, including stability, consistent cash flow, and reduced risks related to occupancy, vacancy, and delinquency. Learn how The Bellish Team’s strategy and diversification across different assets and business types ensure a strong investment performance.

“We’re able to offer our investors more consistent and more frequent cash flow from these deals.” – Christine Bellish

For the full interview and more insights from Christine Bellish, watch on YouTube or below!

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