Innovative Alternatives to Real Estate Investing: Exploring Options with Self-Directed IRAs

Diversifying Your Portfolio through Self-Directed IRAs: a conversation with Gene Trowbridge & Kaaren Hall

The Evolution of Syndication and Investment Strategies

In the realm of real estate and private investments, the trend is shifting towards diversification. Gene Trowbridge, Esq. CCIM of Trowbridge Nieh Law Group, in his series “TNL Talks,” discusses this trend with Kaaren Hall, a Self-Directed IRA administrator and Founder of uDirectIRA. Their dialogue reveals an increasing interest in alternative investments beyond traditional multifamily properties, such as self-storage, mobile home parks, and self-directed IRAs.

The Rise of Self-Directed IRAs in Alternative Investments

Self-Directed IRAs are emerging as a significant player in the realm of private equity and alternative investments. Kaaren Hall’s journey into this niche area highlights its growing popularity and the potential for substantial asset management. These IRAs offer investors a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios into various real estate sectors and debt instruments.

“…your IRA can help on a grassroots level of helping…a mom and pop get back into their business as a debt or equity partner” – Kaaren Hall

A Big THANK YOU to Kaaren Hall for joining us. Learn more about the services Kaaren Hall and uDirectIRA can provide by visiting their website.

Consultation with TNL Attorneys

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